30/10/2016 15:41

My father in law's birthday cake in his favorite color and flavor. Carrot cake with extra everything, covered in golden sugar paste with edible lace. Got to use my airbrush gun for the first time, to color the cake in gold, which works very nicely. The only downside is that the cake is not the only one that got painted today....... our cat at home is as much golden and sparkly now. Also something new for me in todays cake is that I have used a "dummy" for the lowest part of the cake. That is no real cake, just a dressed up styrofoam base. I used that to get the height of the cake and the illusion that there is a 3-storey cake instead of just two. It was a real wow experience when it was rolled into the banquet hall yesterday. I just had to remember to remove the "dummy" before any of the guests would try to get a piece of it.

30/10/2016 15:29

The theme of baby blue continues with macaroones, with lemon butter cream filling. I have, for the first time added some white color to the cream, because I did not want any Swedish flag effect. Butter cream usually otherwise have a tendency to be a little yellowish and therefore white color is perfect to use to counteract that.

30/10/2016 15:15

Today my friends, you will not get any recipe for this cake .... and that, for the simple reason that you will not want to bake it. I had namely a requests from a client to bake a very disgusting cake. Yes, a disgusting cake, for a 1-year-old to smash and have fun with, and not to find it good to eat. So, I made bottoms of rye bread filled with mayonnaise, mustard and covered with whipped butter and bitter almond. Very disgusting indeed .... but pretty to look at.

30/10/2016 15:11

Congratulations Rayan on your first Birthday!

31/08/2016 20:06

It feels like summer is over now and the rain has taken over. That is quite nice also. The house is completely cleaned, dinner served, the dishes done, freshly washed sheets on the bed and best of all, it smells like freshly wonderfully chewy chocolate cookies in the house......

31/08/2016 19:55

I found this recipe in a magazine : small pies filled with a tangy raspberry curd and sweet meringue. 12st pies, perfect to share one with the someone who deserves it ....

17/07/2016 23:39

I found it very difficult to choose between pie and cheesecake today .. and could not decide which one to bake. Solution: I've make a cheesecake pie instead. Simple, good and difficult to stick to just one piece.

17/07/2016 23:32

It's been a whole month with no baking, until now. The desire and the inspiration was completely gone after a negative comment on a cake I made earlier. It has affected me more than I ever could have imagined. But now that sweet Andrea turned 13 years old, I did not let the negativity to get in my way of celebrating a wonderful girl on her day. To bake is to share a piece of cake with family and friends, a joyful moment ... a reason to celebrate something or someone .... to gather our loved ones, to feel happiness. It is hawever what drives me to bake on.

17/07/2016 23:28

Girl cakes are always easier to bake, I think, or rather easier to decorate. Everything is so much better with a little pink. Real flowers are also a favorite of mine to use...... and to build little height on top of the cake, was super nice. The bag is made of sugar paste ... and around, I dressed the cake with edible lace.

17/07/2016 23:13

The picture really does not do this cake justice. I was in such a terrible hurry when I took the pictures. The color was a fantastic azure blue with a hint of metallic green. I have no pictures from inside eather, but I promise to bake it again in the next few weeks to show. It is made of a sponge cake, a strawberry and rhubarb panna cotta and milkchocolate mousse. After that, I moved over the cake in a larger form and poured on a white chocolate mousse that covered both the top and around. Completed with the fine blue glaze and decorated with real flowers. I put those in 2 plastic tubes for building height a little, so that the flowers will not touche the cake. As a drawback, however, is the Smurf blue teeth and tongue you get when you eat it.... hehe...

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Christina Vognild, Kumla, Sweden

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