Baked asparagus

01/03/2014 17:53

An warm soup is always good to have an a cold, rainy day. We do that too infrequently unfortunately, but once it is done, it's very good to serve with something freshly baked. I tried to embed asparagus this time and the result was delicious .... The taste, however, is very dependent on the type of cheese you choose.

2 package puff pastry sheets,
1 bunch asparagus (about 10 pieces)
1 cup grated cheese,
olive oil, salt, pepper
Here’s how: Cut off the woody bottom part of the asparagus and peel if necessary. Tie it together and boil in lightly salted water for about 3-4 minutes. The asparagus should not be completely cooked through because it will finish cook in the oven. Allow to cool for a while. Lay out puff pastry plates. Grade cheese and sprinkle over the pastry. Spread the asparagus on top of the cheese, salt and pepper. Roll up each asparagus in about 5 cm pastry. Fasten the rolls with a little olive oil and place them on a baking sheet, on a tray. Bake in oven for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees, or until they get a nice golden brown color.

Trollstugan....en bakblogg med många recept på allt möjligt sött och gott.

Christina Vognild, Kumla, Sweden