First Advent 2014

01/12/2014 21:24

In Sweden we celebrate every Sunday of December month, as Advent, and as I am very crazy about Christmas, I cheated a little and started with some preparations a few days before. I do not like so much the "red" Christmas, but I'm more happy to use shades of white, green and brown natural elements ..... fine ribbon and old things. That is the Christmas decoration for me. Has looooots of ideas in my head for decorations, but almost no time ...... very bad combination. We'll see what I have time for. Here are some pictures of what I have made so far. Have a great day everyone!
Chandelier: Every first Sunday of Advent, we hang an old chandelier we have, above the kitchen table. This year I decorated with Clubmoss, gingerbread, little small plates and figurines I had at home. The kitchen have a very cozy feeling now.

Gingerbread wreaths: A little bit earlie with gingerbread baking this year. We always wait until the first Sunday of Advent with it, but this year I will not be home so much that Sunday ... and therefore we started a few days earlier. The children has baked usual gingerbread, while I amused myself by doing gingerbread wreaths. I do not decorate them, because I partly think they are lovely in their simplicity, partly because I'm lousy at it. I used ordinary cookie cutters, firs to one of them and hearts to the other. Now it smells good in the kitchen ....

Advent calendar: Also a Swedish tradition is for the kids to open a little present every day of December until Christmas. We call it Advent calender and it's jusst as exciting every year. This year I chose to hang small paper bags in an old-fashioned ladder. It took a couple of evenings to decorate the bags, but they are ready now...... just have to find out what I will fill those with. The first time that the children will share the same calendar, but I can not make 48 bags ..... 24st was more than enough....

Trollstugan....en bakblogg med många recept på allt möjligt sött och gott.

Christina Vognild, Kumla, Sweden