White chocolate cream

20/09/2014 21:23

Today's dessert is a white chocolate cream that is very simple and quick to make. You can serve it in a glass with some berries or fruit, or use it as a filling for cakes, cupcakes, pies. It can be prepared the day before serving and is stunning good .... if you like white chocolate, of course.

150 grams of white chocolate
1 egg
1 egg yolk
2.5 ml crème fraiche
0.50 cups powdered sugar
Here's how: Melt the chocolate and whisk together with the whole egg and egg yolk. Add the crème fraiche and icing sugar. Distribute the smooth cream into 4 glasses or bowls and let stand in refrigerator for at least a few hours before serving.

Trollstugan....en bakblogg med många recept på allt möjligt sött och gott.

Christina Vognild, Kumla, Sweden